Who Is NESA?

  • NESA is a consortium of international education and community development experts
  • NESA associates have more than 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of international and community development
  • NESA consultants have a proven track record of productive, effective collaboration with government, post-secondary institutions and NGOs in Canada, the US and more than a dozen developing countries
  • NESA associates are also leaders in aboriginal community development, Native education, and First Nations media
  • NESA associates are leaders in strategic planning and participatory project design and organizational development  
  • NESA associates are recognized for culturally appropriate, interactive, participatory curriculum development and training
  • NESA associates are involved in some of the most pressing issues of our time – refugee assistance, climate change action, diversity awareness, global education, rural development, gender equity

NESA associates can help you design, implement, and evaluate projects and programs in all areas of development, planning and training

What’s New?

Karyll, Nadia, Darlan - editNESA in Jamaica

Along with UBC Colleague Iain Macdonald and a great team of Jamaican colleagues, in May 2013 NESA principal Don Sawyer  completed a comprehensive Climate Change Action Training (CCAT) curriculum project as part of ACDI-VOCA’s JaREEACH project. The CCAT program out of the recognition that Jamaica’s unique features make it particularly vulnerable to the effects of global climate change. In response, the Jamaican government and several international agencies, including ACDI-VOCA and USAID, have begun a number of initiatives to increase climate change awareness, encourage effective mitigation and adaptation strategies, and help Jamaican communities become more climate change resilient. CCAT, now being delivered to youth across Jamaica, was part of this initiative. For more on this project, see NESA’s International Development section.

NOLA DACUMNOLA Youth Worker Training Program

Working with the  New Orleans Partnership for Youth Development (PYD), who had identified a strong need for the development and delivery of a practical, effective training program for youth workers in New Orleans that would be designed for both in-service workers and for individuals wishing to enter the field, in 2012 Don completed a comprehensive 15-day training curriculum for youth workers in New Orleans.  Consisting of more than 45 original, participatory learning activities, the curriculum, based on input from a cross-section of in-service NOLA youth workers, is divided into three one-week components: What Is Youth Work?; Youth, Families and Communities; and Youth Worker Skills and Competencies.  For more information on this project, have a look at the Curriculum and Planning section.

Capital Appeals Project (New Orleans)

we can do it

In 2012, Don was hired by the director of the Capital Appeals Project, a remarkable group of lawyers, researchers and support staff mandated to carry out technical appeals on all death penalty convictions in the state of Louisiana, to conduct an organizational strategic planning exercise.  One of the major recommendations, which CAP has already begun to implement, was to enhance the organization’s activities in more directly challenging and publicly opposing the death penalty itself.  To see more on this planning initiative, please visit Curriculum and Planning section of this site.

IMG_2768Askew’s Foods Market Research Project

With the help of three great assistants from the Okanagan College Business Department, Don conducted a thorough market research initiative for Salmon Arm-based Askew’s Foods.  Using a variety of research techniques, including (possibly a first?) a Skyped focus group, the resulting report documented the many strengths Askew’s can build on as well as strategies for reaching a larger customer base. For a summary of the research activities involved, see the Planning section of the site.

running_cover_finalNew YA Novel Published

Don’s newest Young Adult novel, Running, was published in late 2011.  His first YA novel, Where the Rivers Meet, also went into its 9th edition with more than 20,000 copies in print, making it a Canadian bestseller.  Though just out, Running is already receiving praise from young adult readers and educators alike.  To see more on Running, and Don’s other publications, please see the Writing section.